PETK aims to be the principal international journal for the publication of high quality and original papers in both fields of thermodynamics and kinetics.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Progress in Engineering Thermodynamics and Kinetics publishes original research about experimental, theoretical, and applied research in thermodynamic and kinetics of chemical processes and transport properties of fluids and solids. The chemical processes considered in this journal are both phase separations and chemical reactions. Subjects of interest include two and multiple phase equilibria and chemical equilibria; thermophysical properties of one, two and multiple phases; fundamental thermodynamic relations; and kinetics of chemical reactions and mass transfer processes (such as nucleation and growth rate in crystallization). The systems considered are pure substances and mixtures with both approaches of real- and pseudo-components. In all cases, providing physical or chemical interpretations of the results are necessary.

Experimental research can include measurements associated with systems and conditions of fundamental or applied interest provided these are entirely characterized and reproducible where possible. It may not be only a collection of routine data, such as physical property or solubility measurements at limited pressures and temperatures close to ambient. Experimental methods should be described in sufficient detail to allow critical assessment of the accuracy claimed. It should be noted that the description of calibration of devices and validity of experimental date are necessary.

Theoretical and computational studies can include equations of state; new theoretical models; molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations; and statistical thermodynamics. Research reporting new theories and models are expected to show adequate comparisons of predictive ability and accuracy with both applicable data and existing contemporary models. Papers about computational studies must be written completely to be repeated by other researchers. As such, all algorithms and methods should be described in sufficient detail, and all parameters for models, should be given obviously in the manuscript.

The Journal addresses two main audiences: those dealing with new ideas and developments in the chemical thermodynamic, and those dealing with the kinetics of chemical reaction and separation processes. The Journal encourages, the dialogue between these two groups.

 In this journal, emphasis is on work at the frontiers of science or technology and furthering the interaction between researcher and practical engineer, rather than on details of theory or application.

The journal publishes full research papers and short communications. Critical reviews are welcomed in the case of the Editor-in-Chief invitation. All material submitted must be original, in English, and not have been submitted elsewhere for publication. Moreover, manuscripts should be clear, well-structured, and be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Please notice the Guide for Authors for further details on the requirements for submitting your paper.


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Phase equilibria; Thermodynamic; Thermophysical Properties; Kinetics; Theoretical models; Experimental data; Chemical Kinetics; Phase Separation Kinetics; Solution Kinetics; journal, online journal.