Editorial Board

Dr. Ali Haghtalab Professor of Tarbiat Modares University

  • haghtalamodares.ac.ir
  • h-index: 24

Editorial Board

Dr. Hossein Ghannadzadeh Gilani Retired professor at the University of Guilan

Design and optimization of precesses, Biomass and Hidrogen economic, Separation processes using distillation & Extraction liquid-liquid, Memmbranes and adsorption, Process development, cryogenics and gas liquefaction processes

  • hggilaniguilan.ac.ir

Editorial Board

Dr. Farzaneh Feizi Professor at Iran University of Science and Technology


  • feyziiust.ac.ir

Editorial Board

Dr. Babak Mokhtarani Professor of Iranian Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Process engineering, 2- Biotechnology, 3- Environmental engineering, 4- Thermodynamics

  • mokhtaranibccerci.ac.ir
  • 4044580770

Editorial Board

Dr. Jafar Javanmardi Professor of Shiraz University of Technology

Gas hydrates, Thermodynamics, Wax formation, Water desalination, Biological removal of pollutants

  • javanmardisutech.ac.ir

Editorial Board

Dr. Farshad Varaminian Professor of Semnan University

gas hydrate, Crystalization process, Optimization, Exergy analysis, Heat transfer

  • fvaraminiansemnan.ac.ir
  • h-index: 20

Editorial Board

Dr. Seyfolah Sadodin Professor of Semnan University

Fast prototyping, Nanofluids mechanics, Fluids mechanics, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics

  • s_sadodinsemnan.ac.ir
  • h-index: 37

Editorial Board

Dr. Alireza Fazlali Associate Professor in Arak University

  • a-fazlaliaraku.ac.ir

Editorial Board

Dr. Masoud Nasiri Zarandi Associate Professor in Semnan University

Separation processes, Fluid flow in porous media, Thermodynamic properties of reservoir fluids, Overdraft of oil, Drilling fluids

  • mnasirisemnan.ac.ir
  • h-index: 14

Editorial Board

Dr. Mostafa Fazli Associate Professor in Semnan University

Quantum computing and chemical modeling, Vibration spectroscopy research, Metal and polymer coatings, Nano technology, Surface chemistry

  • mfazlisemnan.ac.ir
  • h-index: 15

Editorial Board

Dr. Ahmad Bagheri Associate Professor in Semnan University

Surface Chemistry (Prediction and Correlation of Surface Tension, Adsorption), Surfactant and Amphiphilic Drug properties (Synergism and Antagonism), Host-Guest Inclusion Complex Formation (Computational and Experimental)

  • abagherisemnan.ac.ir
  • 098 - 23- 33383192


Dr.mohammad nader lotfollahi semnan university

  • mnlotfollahisemnan.ac.ir
  • h-index: 14


Dr.Behnam khoshandam semnan university

  • bkhoshandamsemnan.ac.ir


Dr. kiana peyvandy semnan university

  • k_peyvandysemnan.ac.ir